Thursday, August 11, 2011

The silent release...

Our first app has been live for almost a week now and... it doesn't sell. Unexpected? Not really - we didn't announce it at all --- no newsletters, no display on our (or our partners) website, no PR texts... nothing. I like to call it a silent release.

Would I have preferred to have all the marketing and promotion strategies in place and hit the ground running? Sure! But there are reasons why this is also good.

Other than that I haven't written one line of code the whole last week... all I did was sit in meetings, fill our forms, work on concept papers, plan our US trip, etc...

The biggest annoyance was to fill out the visa forms in order to get a temporary business/tourist (B1/B2) visa. It took me hours to get through the form and prepare all the documents I'll need for the interview. And let's not start about what 'odd' questions I had to answer.

What else --- the contractor we hired to write on an Android prototype sent us a first version. I kinda like what I saw... but I am still a little wary to be honest.

We also took the first steps in order to ensure proper financing in 2012.

Lastly --- today started my vacation. Even though I am super excited about our product, I can feel that my energy is meanwhile running very low, after we worked pretty much continuously on our product for the last 12 months. And it's probably best to do the vacation now, so we have full energy for the remaining 6 weeks, before our journey across the pond is happening.

So long!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tabula rasa...

It's been over a year that I posted here.... things changed quite a bit. Not everything I wanted to happen did, while other unexpected things came to be. If it's for the better or worse, we'll have to find out.

I played around with the thought of restarting to post for a while, but never really knew how to reconnect with past blog-posts. I finally decided not to try any longer and have a fresh start all together --- I removed all the old posts... tabula rasa style.

So here we are --- me, an entrepreneur that spent the last couple months working on a potentially amazing product idea. You, a brilliant mind, good listener and curious follower. ;-)

Why now... well, it's been a good week! We are making nice progress on the corporate design/-identity side, I started planning out this fall's biz-dev trip to Silicon Valley, our first app made it into the AppStore yesterday and a two week holiday is coming up.

And so it begins... again...

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